Welcome to Abbey Legal

Abbey Legal Protection and LHS Solicitors LLP are leading providers of legal expenses insurance products and legal services to the UK business and professional community. We provide innovative, sustainable solutions to risk manage and insure against the legal risks faced by the business community in the twenty-first century. Our clients are our distribution partners comprising of insurance brokers, trade & affinity groups, insurers and professional organisations who sell and distribute our products and services to their clients and members.

This website will introduce you to our people, our products, our services and our approach to doing business. You can look forward to a long and profitable relationship with a Partner that you can trust. 


Abbey Protection Group
Abbey Protection Group is an integrated specialist fee protection insurance and legal advisory consultancy group. It is the UK’s leading supplier of legal and professional fees insurance products and of advisory services to small-to-medium sized enterprises.  In 2014 Abbey Protection Group became part of Markel Corporation, a US based diverse financial holding company.


Abbey Legal Protection Before the Event Services (BTE)
Based in the City of London, Abbey Legal Protection BTE offers a range of Before the Event legal expenses insurance products that protect commercial clients in the event of legal actions. These are distributed by a network of insurance brokers, insurance companies and around 200 affinity groups.

With effect from 1 June 2017 the standard rate of UK IPT will increase from 10% to 12%.


Abbey Legal Protection After the Event Services (ATE)
Based in Croydon, Abbey Legal Protection ATE provides after the event insurance policies for a wide range of litigation. For general civil and commercial litigation, policies are bespoke with individually rated premiums. This division also manages the run-off of various defunct claims management schemes on behalf of insurers.



LHS Solicitors LLP
Based in Manchester and Croydon, LHS Solicitors LLP focuses on the delivery of legal services. This division of employed in-house barristers and solicitors provide your clients with telephone legal advice 24/7, currently taking over 275,000 calls a year. The division also provides HR Consultancy, Legal Information, Company Law, Civil and Employment Litigation Services.