Employment and Business Law News

GDPR advice line launched by the ICO15/11/2017
Health and Safety failings led to tragic deaths – two recent court decisions15/11/2017
Automatic compensation for consumers and smaller businesses for broadband and landline users15/11/2017
Weekly rest break15/11/2017
Championing better wellbeing in the workplace15/11/2017
Uber drivers are “workers”15/11/2017
Data Protection ICO registration and fees are changing13/10/2017
Update Small Business Commissioner13/10/2017
The new Debt Protocol for Business to Consumer Debt Recovery13/10/2017
Whistleblower awarded stigma damages due to evident loss of employability13/10/2017
Sleep-in shifts and National Minimum Wage13/10/2017
Unfair dismissal of a whistleblower Non-Executive Directors personally liable13/10/2017
What happens to pension contributions during maternity leave18/09/2017
Increase to compensatory award provided in discrimination cases18/09/2017
Are you paying individuals during work trials18/09/2017
Shop keeper guilty of selling counterfeit tobacco15/09/2017
Employers could be criminally liable for employees’ actions15/09/2017
Builder prosecuted for failure to consider carbon monoxide risks15/09/2017
Why you shouldn’t reach agreements in the pub!16/08/2017
Contractor woe’s - design errors16/08/2017
Did Virgin Trains do anything wrong by posting the Corbyn CCTV footage16/08/2017
It’s probably unlawful to ban foreign languages in the workplace11/08/2017
Employment tribunal fees abolished - risk of facing a claim has dramatically increased26/07/2017
Don’t dismiss whistleblowers, even if primary motive is their own pay24/07/2017
Fine for failure to prevent a cyber-attack17/07/2017
Updated guidance on subject access, CCTV codes of practice and the guide to data protection17/07/2017
New pre-action protocol for debt claims from 1 October 201717/07/2017
The Taylor Review - what it means to you as an employer12/07/2017
Workers are entitled to the minimum wage05/07/2017
Possible lesson from Grenfell Tower - letter of the law may not always be enough28/06/2017
Sole directors should consider succession planning14/06/2017
Estate agents infringed competition law by creating a price fixing cartel14/06/2017
Are you ready for the General Data Protection Regulation14/06/2017
Workers are entitled to paid holiday, even if you thought they were self-employed13/06/2017
Don’t dismiss for whistleblowing13/06/2017
Shared parental leave means equal parental pay13/06/2017
Tests in recruitment or promotion-show caution23/05/2017
A reminder about zero - hours contracts23/05/2017
Holiday pay - limiting losses23/05/2017
Marketing rules for SME’s19/05/2017
Working from height - take precautions19/05/2017
£400,000 fine for Data Protection Act breach19/05/2017
How to dismiss a difficult employee20/04/2017
Updated guidance on terms and conditions and the word ‘free’ inpromotional materials20/04/2017
Substantial construction work may affect a property’s rateable value20/04/2017
Rechargeable batteries cartel decision20/04/2017
A small investment in health and safety may be money well-spent12/04/2017
If early Acas conciliation starts really early, it may not extend time10/04/2017
Don't discriminate, whatever your intentions10/04/2017
There are still risks in banning religious symbols in the workplace22/03/2017
If you have 250 or more employees, we trust you’re ready for gender pay gap reporting22/03/2017
New Business and Property Courts of England and Wales from June 201722/03/2017
Make sure you serve your party wall notices22/03/2017
Businesses buying alcohol from wholesalers new provisions from 1 April 201722/03/2017
The question of whether employment status should be simplified16/03/2017
Clarifying the definition of worker – Smith v Pimlico Plumbers at the Court of Appeal22/02/2017
Damages for food poisoning on an all-inclusive holiday15/02/2017
Failure to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office15/02/2017
Updated guidance on Competition Law15/02/2017
In the UK, dismissing an employee for leaving a dangerous workplace is unlawful07/02/2017
You need only do what's reasonable and proportionate in responding to a subject access request07/02/2017
Even with mobility clauses, sometimes it’s unfair to demand that employees relocate01/02/2017
Keeping up appearances – and the dangers thereof18/01/2017
Facebook liable after failure to remove posts13/01/2017
Ofcom report on communications services13/01/2017
Legal changes in 2017 general dates to keep in mind13/01/2017
Dates for your diary 2017 - expected legal changes11/01/2017
Smile for the camera - the latest on employment status in the gig economy10/01/2017
New fines for directors for nuisance calls19/12/2016
New guidance for businesses on pricing tactics19/12/2016
Companies House guidance on confirmation statements19/12/2016
Festive fun and responsibility – a brief recap for employers12/12/2016
Gender pay gap reporting12/12/2016
The risks involved in withdrawing an offer of recruitment08/12/2016
Encourage rest - it’s the law17/11/2016
Navigating choppy waters – health and safety law procedure15/11/2016
Competition and Markets Authority warns online sellers about price fixing15/11/2016
Privacy notices an updated code of practice15/11/2016
Small Business Commissioner Consultation ends 7 December 201615/11/2016
The story so far – employment status in the “gig economy”10/11/2016
New rules for landlords in Wales24/10/2016
How to handle data efficiently and lawfully24/10/2016
Card fraud24/10/2016
Brierley v Asda – like work deserves like payment, however you arrange your business24/10/2016
A few tips on minimum wage, employment status and delivery services21/10/2016
Equalise shared parental leave06/10/2016
Health and Safety responsibilities for sole contractors27/09/2016
Do you know the general duties that the law imposes on company directors27/09/2016
The benefits of having terms and conditions27/09/2016
Minimum wage increase – don’t get caught out in October22/09/2016
Don’t just assume a previous disciplinary warning was appropriate22/09/2016
A service ceases, and a similar one begins – TUPE might not apply22/09/2016
Cross-border online trade with EU consumers24/08/2016
Company fined £163,371 for arrangement to undercut prices24/08/2016
ICO prosecute a company for failure to notify24/08/2016
Think before you act – new recruit awarded damages when job offer withdrawn18/08/2016
The joys of parenting, and some difficult issues17/08/2016
Deliveroo’s doldrums16/08/2016
Watch this space – it may affect whether your freelancers are actually employed25/07/2016
New Insurance Act coming into force 12 August 201622/07/2016
UK company kept workers in modern slavery22/07/2016
Software is goods in the context of commercial agents22/07/2016
Thorough appeal saves the day – Khan v Stripestar Ltd (EAT)21/07/2016
Conflicting opinions at avery high level, but here is a reason to celebrate diversity15/07/2016
A note to assist managers in opposing racism14/07/2016
Firearm Licensing Law changes27/06/2016
Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) issued open letter to businesses about restricting online resale prices27/06/2016
ICO issues £180,000 fine for unsolicited automated marketing, lack of identity and no free opt-out27/06/2016
For discrimination, nationality does not include immigration status - despite this, we still recommend good behaviour22/06/2016
Can businesses ban religious clothing in the workplace17/06/2016
TUPE - on a service provision change, what does “immediately before” transfer means “immediately before”17/06/2016
Reinstatement is a distinct possibility following unfair dismissal case in Supreme Court17/06/2016
The Alternative Dispute Resolution dilemma25/05/2016
Religious discrimination – one-off application of a policy may amount to indirect discrimination25/05/2016
Statutory guidance for PSC Register – Final Version18/05/2016
Beneficial ownership register for foreign companies18/05/2016
Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 201618/05/2016
Employment agencies to advertise vacancies in the UK at the same time or before advertising abroad04/05/2016
Posted workers in construction industry to be given rights to claim unpaid wages from next contractor in supply chain04/05/2016
Claimants to claw back unpaid Tribunal awards and Settlement with 50 percent penalty applied04/05/2016
Damages for breach of restrictive covenant27/04/2016
Extension of Shared Parental Leave and Pay to grandparents14/04/2016
Loss of NIC employment allowances for employers who employ illegal workers14/04/2016
When is an employer vicariously liable for the actions of its employees14/04/2016
DBS pilot to test access to criminal record information from the European Union set to run until April 201614/04/2016
New International Maritime Organization requirement for packed container weight verification14/04/2016
Manifestation of religion versus misuse of power13/04/2016
When is a Kiddee not a Trunki The importance of legal advice on protecting Intellectual Property rights at an early stage23/03/2016
New procedure for bankruptcy petitions from 6 April 201623/03/2016
New EU Trademark directive comes into force on 23 March 201623/03/2016
No automatic right to time off for religious holidays03/03/2016
Compulsory National Living Wage effective from 1 April 201603/03/2016
Abolition of National Insurance Contributions by employers for apprentices under 2503/03/2016
Home Office update advice to employers regarding right to work checks and prevention of illegal working29/02/2016
Companies required to make available on the public register a list of all people with significant control over the business29/02/2016
Online Dispute Resolution(ODR)–Additional information for online traders29/02/2016
Draft legislation published introducing apprenticeship levy29/02/2016
Government publishes draft regulations on Gender Pay Reporting29/02/2016
Government proposal to extend Sunday trading hours29/02/2016
Residential landlords required to check immigration and right to rent status of prospective tenants and occupiers over 1803/02/2016
Informal exchange of emails can constitute a variation of terms of a contract despite contractual clauses to the contrary03/02/2016
Government Committee recommends amendment to the Equality Act enabling recognised transgenders to apply for gender27/01/2016
ACAS publish guidance for employers on dealing with legal highs in the workplace27/01/2016
Employers not prohibited from reading personal messages sent by employees27/01/2016
Migration Advisory Committee sets out recommendations to reduce non-EU migration20/01/2016
Financial penalties to come into force from April 2016 for employers who fail to pay tribunal awards19/01/2016
Government confirms proposals to tackle worker exploitation14/01/2016
New employment legislation due in force in 201621/12/2015
Government urges employers to prepare early for the national living wage08/12/2015
No increase to statutory payment amounts for 201607/12/2015
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